Meet Some of Our
Working Alumni:
Brent Teclaw

Brent Teclaw
Brent Teclaw (center behind table) with Ryan Robert Nelson, E. J. Subkoviak, Tom Karki and
Patrick Kozicky in The Odd Couple at DalekoArts in New Prague, summer 2013. It also featured
alum Ben Thietje, and was directed by alum Amanda White Thietje, both of who mstarted Daleko.

Brent Teclaw has one of those faces that is so expressive that when you see him in something you
feel as though you've known him your entire life and will remember him forever. And then
you forget him. And he's got a voice that, when you hear it, you want to say, "You should do
voiceover work!" Both are strengths in his work as an actor.

A character actor while here at Minnesota State Mankato, he appeared in such roles as "Senex" in
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and "Dr. Dussell" in The Diary of Anne Frank.
In both cases, he succeeded in demanding your attention while the focus of the scene, but
generously allowing the other actors to shine when it was his turn.

Today, he's a working actor in the Twin Cities, appearing this summer in the DalekoArts production
of The Odd Couple. In true fashion, he's was an easily forgettable, unforgettable character.

View a video interview with Brent here.

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