Meet Some of Our
Working Alumni:
Corey Krolikowski

Corey K
Most recently, Corey Krolikowski was head carpenter, aka tech director,
on the national touring production of War Horse. (Photo by Cherie Tay)

When he graduated from Minnesota State University in May 2007, Corey Krolikowski figured he'd go out in tour
that August, continue doing so for about five years, and then settle into something a bit more stationery. Now,
more than six years later, he is between tours...but planning to go out again, either with another theatrical
production or perhaps with a rock show.

The Sioux Falls, SD, native said he enjoys the life. Although it's a regimented life, and one that keeps him
away from such landmark occasions as family weddings and funerals, the lifestyle still holds great appeal
to him so he plans to go, literally, wherever the road leads him.

In addition to being in charge of the construction, maintenance and set-up of the sets for the show, Corey's
life is also one of logistics. He's the one who calls ahead to future venues to double-check that space and technical
needs are being met, many times needing to adjust on the fly if the venue's capabilities don't meet the tour's
needs. It may mean slight adjustments to the sets or making sure needed equipment is rented and on hand
when the tour arrives and begins its set up. The transition to a new location is already rigorous—often with just
a quick shower and ride on the sleeper bus between strike at one location and construction on the other—
so he can't afford to encounter any problems along the way.

View a video interview with Corey here.

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