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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mass Audition Info


The Happy Elf

Stupid Fucking Bird


Peter and the Starcatcher


    When:              Monday, October 1, 2018                                     

    Where:             The Andreas Theatre, Dance Studio and PA 113

    What Time:      Starting at 4:00 PM (sign up for times, starting at 8:00 AM

in PA 201)


         —Monologues for Bird and Peter from 4:00 to 5:00 PM; and 6:00 PM to

when needed; place TBA. 

Singing auditions for The Happy Elf begin at 6:00 PM in PA 126

Dance auditions for The Happy Elf immediately following in PA 126

—Callbacks for both shows: Immediately following


The Happy Elf auditionees please note:

*All who are auditioning should sing 16 bars from the show or any similar type

Broadway show (bring sheet music). 

*Dance auditions—will be quick.  Character or jazz shoes please.

*Callbacks will use music from the show.


Stupid Fucking Bird auditionees please note:

*Prepare a 30 second monologue from the show.

*Callbacks will be cold readings from the script.


The Mousetrap auditionees please note:

*Prepare a 45 second monologue from the show (or something similar) with a British dialect (you may sing—acapella; and use two characters if you like).

*Callbacks (if any) will be cold readings from the script.


See individual show notices elsewhere.


Any questions?  Contact Hamilton, Van Oort or Hustoles.


and the



We are looking for a cast of 13 (3 women; 10 men).  The style of the show is very flamboyant and whimsical and imaginative and theatrical, all rolled into one.  This will be an extremely physical (agile) approach and we will use British dialects (“high” British, Cockney; maybe some Irish and Scots; and pirate brogue; and “pidgin” English too).  Everything will be bigger than life—but true to life too (just a much bigger life than we are used too).


See the script for the wonderful character descriptions (posted here).  To that I will add:

—The three women will be: Molly, Mrs. Bumbrake and Teacher (who is a mermaid, of course).

—The three boys must be an inseparable gang, even though they always are at odds (Peter, Prentiss, Ted).

—Everyone will play their own character, a narrator, part of the furniture and some of the special effects.  Several actors will play multiple roles (to be determined).


Take a BOLD attack in the auditions (physically, vocally, creatively).  I don’t know what “over the top” means—but there is no top when you are flying!


Have fun!!  Please ask Hustoles if you have any questions.



                                   CAST CALL FOR


The Happy Elf is a fun little musical written in the style of the old ratpack crooners.  We are looking for actors who can emulate that vocal style and charm a crowd (including by breaking the fourth wall). We also have need of strong dancers in the chorus.  Any race/gender/ethnicity will be considered for all roles.  Thanks for your audition!!!


Crooner Harry Narrator


The narrator of the show, this character must have a classic crooner’s voice and be able to work a crowd in the same way that the members of the Rat Pack did.  This character must reference the style of those singers at every turn




            The happy elf.  Exuberant and charming.  Avoid cute.




            The naughty kid.  She ends up finding the joy in herself, thanks to Eubie




            The happy elf’s best friend.  A mechanic elf.




            The happy elf’s girlfriend. A veterinary elf.




            The officious bad guy elf.  A pencil pusher.  Officious and mean. 


Little Norbert


            Norbert’s “mini me”




            He is santariffic.  Quite smooth for a “jolly old elf”


Mrs. Claus

            She rules with an iron fist.




            There is no joy in him.




            A mean woman with a secret sorrow.




            The mischief trainer.


Angry Lady




Ensemble (you may be double cast here):


            3 or 4 Elf Leaders:

                        Singer Dancers


10 or so assorted elves: (Toy Elves. Reindeer Elves, Candy Elves)

            Singer Dancers.


4 or so Elfettes:

            Think “Vegas Showgirls” but, you know, elves.  Strong Dancers, Strong Singers.  


8 or so Bluesville Citizens

            Singer dancers


8 or so Workers

            Dancer singers


Any questions?  Please ask Dr. Hamilton.