The Aeneid
Oct. 12-15 & 18-22, 2017

Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Costume Design by David McCarl
Sound Design by Mike Croswell
Sound Reinforcement Design by George Grubb
Scene Design by John Paul
Lighting Design by Steven Smith

Coreobus (Brandon Homan) tires to convince Aeneas (Mitchell Evans) and his wife, Creusa (Jessica Staples), to join the fight for their homeland.


Aeneas (Mitchell Evans) carries his father, Anchises (Nicholas Finken), on his back and his son in his arms,
and his wife, Creusa (Jessica Staples), trails behind, as they all escape their doomed city.


Aeneas (Mitchell Evans) greets his best friend, Achates (Mack Spotts-Falzone), after both thought the other was dead.