Angels in America
Millennium Approaches

Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scenic Design by Curt Enderle
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by Amanda Ytzen
Sound Design by Mike Croswell

Rabbi (Matt Davis) speaks to Louis Ironson (Joey Ford)
following the funeral of Louis' grandmother.

Louis (Joey Ford, seated) gets an unexpected response
from Belize (Isaac Loomer).

Harper Pitt (Mallory Martin) tries to struggle through her
questions about her husband Joe's (Cody Gerrells) sexuality.

When Prior (Adam Moore, in bed) takes a turn for the worse, Louis
(Joey Ford) must contemplate his future with, or without, him. The
nurse (Heather Ann Folsom) checks Prior's vital signs.

Roy Cohn (Shane Solomon) must confront the ghosts from his past,
including that of Ethel Rosenberg (Claire Lloyd).

The two previous Prior Walters (David Jenkins, left, and Reid Strand)
watch as Louis and Prior Walter come together.

The Angel (Heather Ann Folsom) visits Prior Walter (Adam Moore).


Photos by Mike Lagerquist