The Artificial Jungle
Sept. 21-24, 2006
Directed by Stuart Fail
Scenic Design by Laura Nigon
Costume Design by Britt Hilton
Lighting Design by Philip C. Warren

Frankie (Douglas E. Castle, center) keeps the crew at the pet shop entranced with stories of murder and death. Listening are (left to right): Zachary Slade (Shane Solomon), Roxy Nurdiger (Mallory Martin), Mrs. Nurdiger (Claire Lloyd) and Chester Nurdiger (Matt Davis).

Zach and Roxy are drawn to each other and begin plotting Chester's demise.

Unfortunately for him, Mother Nurdiger is also attracted to Zach.

When the deed is done, Roxy and Zach dispose of the body in the piranha tank.

Mother Nurdiger has a stroke after discovering the murder ... luckily for Roxy and Zach she can't communicate.

But it turns out that Chester can't stay dead, and his ghost returns to make sure Zach and Roxy pay.


All photos by Mike Lagerquist