As You Like It
Feb. 20-March 2, 2014
Directed by Heather E. Hamilton
Scene Design by John David Paul
Costume Design by David McCarl
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Sound Design by Luke Walchuk

As You Like It 1
Rosalind (Amanda Forman) is banished and contemplates her future.

As You Like It 2
Hymen (Charliey Libra) with Rosalind (Amanda Forman, left) and Celia (Morgan LeClaire).

As You Like It 3
Celia (Morgan LeClaire) speaks to Rosalind (Amand Forman)
while Touchstone (Carter Allen) shows how he feels.

As You Like It 4
Charles (George E. Grubb) seems to make easy work of Orlando (Jake McInerney)
as others look on.

As You Like It 5
Duke Frederick the Usurper (Adam Yankowy) does not look convinced.
Behind him (left to right) are: 1st Lord (Rodney Fair), Le Beau (Colton Moyer)
and 2nd De Boys Brother (Zach Bolland).

As You Like It 6
Amiens (Megan Gilmore) shares a moment with Jaques (Ben Stasny).

As You Like It 7
Duke Senior (TS McCormick, center) among the forest and its creatures.

As You Like It 8
Touchstone (Carter Allen) awaits an answer from Audrey
(Bridgette Karl).

As You Like It 9
Phoebe (Kendra Verhage) in a literal tug-o-war with Silvius (Jordan B. Wolfe)
and Rosalind (Amanda Forman).

As You Like It 10
Orlando (Jake McInerney) and Rosalind (Amanda Forman)
appear to be web by Celia (Morgan LeClaire).

As You Like It 11
Amiens (Megan Gilmore) serenades everyone.



Photos by Mike Lagerquist