Born Yesterday
Jan. 27-30 & Feb. 2-6, 2011
Directed by Paul Finocchiaro

Scene Design by John David Paul
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by David McCarl

Sponsored by Community Bank Mankato

Born Yesterday photo
Billie Dawn (Morgan Mallory, in red) starts to show her independence with the help of Paul Verral
(Ryan Thorsen, second from left). In the process, she surprises her benefactor, Harry Brock
(David Wasylik, center). Looking on are Sen. Norval Hedges (Joey West, far left), Eddie Brock
(Adam Moen, center by the door) and Ed Devery (Robb Krueger, far right).

Born Yesterday photo
The Assistant Manager (Rudolph Searles III) directs the bellhops
Sam Stoll and Antonia Perez) in setting up Harry Brock's hotel room.
Eddie Brock (Adam Moen) coordinates the bar set-up.

Born Yesterday photo
Harry's anger toward Billie starts to show.

Born Yesterday photo
Paul helps Billie with more than her reading skills.

Born Yesterday photo
Harry doesn't like what's happening to Billie.

Born Yesterday photo
Harry primps for a night out while Eddie looks on.
Doing the primping are (left to right): Shoe Shine (Carter Allen),
Barber (Matthew A. Gilbertson) and Manicurist (Tylinn Fahrni).

Born Yesterday photo
Harry isn't impressed by what Billie is learning, especially as it affects
Sen. and Mrs. Hedges (Joey West and Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha). Ed
looks on with suspicion.

Photos and poster by Mike Lagerquist

An uncouth, corrupt tycoon, Harry Brock, brings his showgirl mistress, Billie Dawn,
with him to Washington, D.C. When Billie’s ignorance becomes a liability to Brock’s shady
business dealings, he hires a journalist, Paul Verrall, to educate her. In the process of learning,
Billie realizes how corrupt Harry is and begins interfering with his plans. This classic Kanin comedy
was one of the longest running plays on Broadway. The 1950 movie captured the Best Actress Oscar
for star Judy Holliday. Minnesota State Mankato presented Born Yesterday in 1958 and 1995.

Individual tickets for Born Yesterday are $14.50 regular, $13.00 for senior citizens,
youth 16 and under and groups of 15 or more, $10.00 for current Minnesota State students.


Garson Kanin wrote the play Born Yesterday for Jean Arthur, who dropped out right before opening night. Judy Holliday learned the role in 3 days, and played it on Broadway for 4 years, opposite Paul Douglas.