Brezhnev's Children
Sept. 23-26, 2004
Directed by Beverly Longo
Scenic Design by Philip C. Warren
Lighting Design by Tim Bergstrom

Costume Design by Hilary Winkworth

Sister (Perry Thrun, far right) addresses the women and the Maid (Jason Kruger, center rear). The women are (left to right): Larissa (Jennifer Steiskal), Albina (Mallory Martin), Zina (Ashley Bracken), Nelya (Laura Yost), Galina (Tracy Funt), Valentina (Laura Nigon, back facing) and Irina (Ashley FitzSimmons).

When stories are told, the people of the ward take on new roles.

The mothers share a quiet—and rare—moment with their babies.

Many of the stories that are told include violence toward the women.

Other stories have very tender moments.

But reality, such as when Doctor (Aric Brown) arrives, is never far away from their lives.


All photos by Mike Lagerquist