Sept. 27-30, Oct. 4-7 & 11-14, 2007
Directed/choreographed by Paul Finocchiaro
Scenic Design by Allen Wright Shannon
Costume Coordination by David McCarl
Lighting Design by Steve Smith

Mr. Mistoffelees (Craig Daniel Stastny, center) pulls the cloth off to reveal Old Deuteronomy (Allen Wright Shannon) beneath. Watching from the side is Rum Tum Tugger (Jared Oxborough, left).

Rum Tum Tugger (Jared Oxborough) makes time with Bombalurina (Mollie Fischer).

Mongojerrie (Travis Shafer, right) and Rumpleteazer (Katharine Moeller.

Bustopher Jones (Reid Strand)

Old Deuteronomy (Allen Wright Shannon) is observed in song
by Munkastrap (Andrew D. Umphrey).

Jellylorum (Tristin Rupp) assists the aged Asparagus (Jeff A. Smith).

Skimbleshanks (Micah J. L. Kronlokken) leads the train.

Old Deuteronomy bids farewell to Grizabella (Mallory Martin) as she leaves for the heavyside layer.

Photographs by Mike Lagerquist

Director Paul Finocchiaro talks about his production of Cats:

So, what is Cats all about?

Am I going to be able to follow what's happening on stage?

I've heard a lot about the show. How did it come about?

Tell us about what we'll see on the stage.

Is there a lot of music? A lot of dancing?