July 15-17 & 21-24 , 2005
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scenic Design by Randy York
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by Esther Iverson
Choreography by Angelyn Eve Faust

Cinderella (Ashley FitzSimmons, right) just can't satisfy the needs of her step-sisters and step-mother (left to right): Joy (Angelyn Eve Faust), step-mother (Patti McGuire) and Portia (Krystyn Y. Spratt).

The King and Queen (Mark Bailey and Christina Dyrland Smith) go over the menu for the ball with the Chef (Jim Hatleli, left) and the Steward (Bryan Gerber, right).

The King and Queen (center) are joined by everyone at the ball.

Everyone stops—including the Prince (Matthew C. Atwood, center)—when Cinderella arrives at the ball.

Cinderella and the Prince share a dance under the watchful eye of the Fairy Godmother (Elizabeth Eden, center).

The happy ending comes when the Prince discovers the glass slipper fits Cinderella's foot.

All photos by Mike Lagerquist