Comic Potential
Sept. 14-17,2016
Directed by Don Hart
Scenic Design by Adam Guss
Costume Design by Jaclyln Britz
Lighting Design by Jayme Caye Beerling


Adam Trainsmitch (Braden Hanafee-Major) attempts to teach Jacie Triplethree (Michaela Shapiro) to read.

Television Director Chandler Tate (Riley LinDell) instructs android actress Jacie Triplethree (Michaela Shapiro) on the finer points of comedic acting. Aspiring screenwriter Adam Trainsmith (Braden Hanafee-Major) watches his work come to life in dreamlike wonder.

Adam Trainsmitch (Braden Hanafee-Major) and Jacie Triplethree (Michaela Shapiro) fall in love.