Damn Yankees
July 10-12 & 16-19, 2009
Directed/choregraphed by Paul Finocchiaro
Music direction by Nick Wayne
Scene Design by George Grubb
Costume Design by Jessica Guthrie
Lighting Design by Steven Smith


Meg Boyd (Christina Dyrland Smith) simply can't pry her husband,
Joe (Stephen Mark Crisp), away from the TV when the Yankees are playing.

So the Devil, in the form of Mr. Applegate (Jared Oxborough)
steps in to make Joe's wishes come true: a pennant for the Senators.

Joe Boyd becomes Joe Hardy (Mathias Becker), who misses his wife
so much he becomes a boarder at his own home to be near her.

And Joe becomes the savior that the Washington Senators need...

...and the fans worship...

...and supporting products utilize in advertising.

When Joe starts to slip from his agreement with Applegate, along comes
Lola (Megan Volkman-Wilson).

In the end, Joe returns to Meg, much to the chagrin of Applegate.

Director Paul Finocchiaro talks about the show.

Photos by Mike Lagerquist