A Doll's House
Oct. 17-20 & 23-27, 2002
Directed by Nina LeNoir
Scenic Design by Tom Bliese
Costume Design by Esther Iverson
Lighting Design by Steven Smith

Helene (Liz Wilts, second from left) brings the children home to their mother, Nora (Erin Drevlow). The children are, left to right, Bobby (Axton Becker), Emmy (Aria Moon Smith) and Ivana (Bethany Walters).

Nora (Erin Drevlow) gets a surprise visit from her friend, Mrs. Linde (Shannon More) who is looking for work.

Krogstad (Colin Wood) pleads with Nora (Erin Drevlow) for assistance in keeping his job at the bank, which Nora's husband Torvald has become the general manager for. He is able to put pressure on Nora because of a secret the two share.

Dr. Rank (Trick Danneker, center) pays a final visit to the Helmers, Torvald (Christian D. Bell) and Nora (Erin Drevlow) on his way home from that evening's party.

Torvald (Christian D. Bell) must ponder the future of his marriage to Nora (Erin Drevlow) after he has been confronted by the truth.

When Nora leaves, Torvald is left to consider the future alone.

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All photos by Mike Lagerquist

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