Dracula n
Feb. 17-20 & 24-27, 2011
Directed by Heather E. Hamilton
Scene Design by Katie Phillips
Costume Design by Nicole Pullaro
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Sound Design by George E. Grubb

Dracula photo
Count Dracula (Dustin Guy Jackson) emerges from his coffin.

Dracula photo
Lucy Seward (Charisse Danker) shows her first signs of being a vampire
with her boyfriend, Jonathan Harker (Maxwell Chonk Thao).

Dracula photo
Mina (Mina Marie Koch Johnson) appears in memory when Abraham Van Helsing
(Anthony DePoto) tells Lucy what had happened to her. With Harker is Dr. Seward
(Lauren Mikeal Parsons), Lucy's mother who is trying to help her get better.

Dracula photo
Among those at the sanitorium is R. M. Renfield (Andy Gullikson)
who is secretly working for Count Dracula.

When Renfield fails to accomplish what Dracula asks,
he is handed over to See No Evil (Laura D. Thaisen), Hear No Evil
(Tim Gagne) and Speak No Evil (Marshall Sonsteby).

Buttersworth (Taylor Evan Johnson) and Miss Wells (Kayla Bartlett)
work at the sanitorium.

Dracula is confronted by Van Helsing, Harker and Dr. Seward.


Watch and listen to Dustin Jackson (Dracula) and Charisse Danker (Lucy) talk about the production.
Dustin and Charisse also appear on "Best of Broadway" with Herb Kroon. See a clip from
one of the final dress rehearsals.

This is an adaptation of the classic vampire story by Bram Stoker, the vampire story that
started it all. Dracula is a 1924 stage play adapted by Hamilton Deane and substantially
revised for American audiences by John L. Balderston in 1927. It was the first adaptation of the
novel authorized by Stoker's widow and has influenced many subsequent adaptations.
That first Broadway production starred Bela Lugosi, who then made a career of it.

Minnesota State Mankato presented Dracula in 1983 and 1998. Individual tickets are
$14.50 regular, $13.00 for senior citizens, youth 16 and under and groups of 15 or more,
$10.00 for current Minnesota State students.

Dracula poster

Photos and poster by Mike Lagerquist