Enchanted April
Oct. 17-21 & 24-28, 2007

Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scenic Design by John Paul
Lighting Design by Steve Smith
Costume Design by David McCarl
Poster Design by Jeff Smith of Vita Opus!

Above and below: The two couples from London, the Arnotts, Frederick and Rose (Joey Ford and Heather Ann Folsom) and the Wiltons, Lotty and Mellersh (Susan Vee Hansen and Adam Moore) discuss the ladies going on holiday to Italy.

Lady Caroline Bramble (Kelsey Strong, left) and Mrs. Graves (Lolly Foy) get to know each other.

Everyone gets to know Costanza (Kaija Pellinen) the domestic who comes with the villa.

Rose has a brief encounter with their Italian landlord, Antony Wilding (Cody Gerrells).

Frederick Arnott suddenly realizes he may be in trouble while meeting Caroline Bramble, the women with whom he has been communicating, when he finds the sketch of his wife done by Wilding.

Mellersh lets his guard (and towel) down when he leaves the bath suddenly.

Rose and Lotty share a poignant moment with Caroline Bramble.

Photographs by Mike Lagerquist

Director Paul Hustoles talks about Enchanted April:

What is the play about?

When and where does the play take place?

Why did you want to present Enchanted April?

Talk about the cast a little bit.

What should we expect with the scenic design?

How about the other design features.