Feb. 20-23 & 27-March 2, 2003
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scenic Design by Tom Bliese
Lighting Design by Steven Smith

Costume Design by David McCarl

Dr. Richard Dysart (Peter C. Simonson, foreground) is introduced to a young boy, Alan Strang (Brad Willcuts, right) who has a strange fascination with horses.

Dysart commits Alan to a hospital, with the help of Hester Saloman (Patricia Choate, left). There he is left in his room by the Nurse (Tanya Peterson).

Dysart meets with Alan's parents, Dora (Renée Speltz, left) who is very religious, and Frank (Christian D. Bell, right) an atheist, and begins to piece together the mystery of Alan's behavior.

As Dysart speaks with Alan, he asks the boy to relive his experiences with the horses.

Alan experiences a bit of a breakthrough with the help of a tape recorder.

While at the stables, where he meets Harry Dalton (Jason M. Harber, kneeling), Alan also meets Jill Mason (Crystal Dervetski, center). His relationship with Jill is the key to Alan's act of blinding the horses.

Dysart eventually reaches success in helping Alan.

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All photos by Mike Lagerquist