Escape from Happiness
September 26-29, 2002
Directed by W. James Wood
Scenic Design by Eric Gebhard
Lighting Design by Andy Owen

Costume Design by Lisa Rae Windloss

Junior (Nathan Wilson) dances in order to demonstrate to his mother-in-law, Nora (Liz Wilts, left) that he is OK. Junior's wife, Gail (Laura Yost) can't believe what he's doing.

Junior (Nathan Wilson) holds the two would-be crooks (Patrick McIntyre, left, and Patrick McCormick, right) at bay.

Police detective Mike Dixon (Perry Thrun) gets threatening to Nora (Liz Wilts, hiding) and Mary Ann (Julie Funk) while his partner Dian Black (Renee Roy) tries to hold him back.

Nora (Liz Wilts) shares a quiet moment with her oldest daughter Elizabeth (Jennifer Steiskal).

The women relax after their anxieties boil over.

In the end, Tom (Josh Mitchell) and Nora (Liz Wilts) reach an understanding about their marriage.

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All photos by Mike Lagerquist

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