Evil Dead: The Musical
7:30 p.m. Dec. 1-4, 2010
with an 11 p.m. added performance Dec. 3

Directed by Heather Hamilton
Scene Design by Katie Phillips
Lighting Design by Jordan Green
Sound Design by Kevin Carroll
Music Direction by Lauren Mikeal Parsons

Evil Dead: The Musical
They're five college students going out to spend some time in a cabin in the
woods. They are (left to right): Scott (Jake McInerney), Shelly (Maggie Mae Dale),
Linda (Larissa Schmitz), Ash (Aaron Alan) and Cheryl (Libby Slater).

Evil Dead: The Musical
When they explore the cabin, they find a dirty basement that
has some interesting things inside.

Evil Dead: The Musical
Linda and Ash have already found love.

Evil Dead: The Musical
In the meantime, Annie (Lauren Mikeal Parsons) and
Ed (Alex Letsche) are also coming to the cabin to see
Annie's dad, who is supposed to be there.

Evil Dead: The Musical Evil Dead: The Musical
One by one, they turn into Candarian Demons. The first to go are Shelly
(left) and Cheryl, who Ash and Scott stow in the basement.

Evil Dead: The Musical
As Annie and Ed get closer, they get help from
'good old reliable' Jake (Steven Lange).

Evil Dead: The Musical
As the situation gets more dire—and Annie loses
more clothes—Ash becomes more heroic.

Evil Dead: The Musical
Until Ash saves the day!

Photos and official poster (below) by Mike Lagerquist

Download the official show poster (left) and poster by Davin Alan (right).


Evil Dead
Christopher Arn Kind of Mankato (center) starred as Ash in the Minneapolis
Musical Theatre production of Evil Dead: The Musical.

Photo credit: Laurie Etchen