Five Women Wearing
the Same Dress

Oct. 19-23 & 26-30, 2005
Directed by Paul Finocchiaro
Scenic Design by S. M. Housand
Costume Design by Hilary Winkworth
Lighting Design by Anna Laffoon

Frances (Claire Wellin, left) tries to ignore what's going on in the room. Meredith (Carrie Soler, center) has lit up a joint and is sharing it with Trisha (Krystyn Y. Spratt).

Mindy (Katie Moeller, foreground), always with a plate of food in her hand, "backs up," much to the consternation of Trisha (Krystyn Spratt), Meredith (Carrie Soler) and Georgeanne (Jackie Olson, right).

As the conversation continues, secrets are revealed ...

... and feelings change. Here, Georgeanne applies flashy fingernail polish to the formerly reserved Frances.

Tripp (Steve Corona) begins to warm the heart of Trisha.

The afternoon is saved forever on film.