Nov. 19-22, 2014
Directed by Michael Sheeks
Scene Design by Amanda Miller
Costume Design by Lauren Nelson
Lighting Design by Ryan Strelow

Gabriel poster

Here is a review from the Walking Shadows production of Gabriel in October. The company
is run by alums John Heimbuch and Amy Rummenie, who also directed this production.


Moira Buffini’s Gabriel is set in Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands which was occupied by the Germans during World War II.
Jeanne Becquet has chosen to remain on the island to protect the family mansion which has been in the family for
generations. The mansion is requisitioned by the Germans, but Jeanne, along with her ten-year-old daughter, Estelle,
and her Jewish daughter-in-law, Lillian, are allowed to stay in a small house on the grounds of the estate. A long-time family
retainer, Mrs. Lake, also stays with them.

At the opening of the show, Estelle is just finishing a “prayer” to bring her brother home from the Royal Air Force (R.A.F.) so that he can drive out
the Germans who took over her home. Mrs. Lake is bottling brandy to be sold on the Black Market, Lillian announces that she found a
naked man washed up on the beach, and Jeanne returns from a rendez-vous with a German officer. She is what the French would call a
“collaborator horizontal” and not unwilling to fraternize with the enemy if it will protect her family.

The mysterious stranger has lost his memory; Estelle names him Gabriel because she believes he is the answer to her prayers.
When it is found that he speaks both fluent English and French, Jeanne and the German officer both claim him. Each side had lost an
officer and believed Gabriel to be that one. Gabriel is the stimulus for the actions of the other characters in the play as well as their moral center.

Von Pfunz (Logan Sulentic) tries to intimidate Estelle (Maureen O'Malley) while others look on (left to right): Gabriel (Jake Sullivan),
Jeanne (Kendra Verhage), Lily (Rachel Howard) and Lake (Alyssa Johnson).

Gabriel (Jake Sullivan) comes to a realization with the help of Jeanne (Kendra Verhage),
Estelle (Maureen O'Malley) and Lily (Rachel Howard).

Jeanne (Kendra Verhage) comforts her daughter, Estelle (Maureen O'Malley)
after being upset by Von Pfunz (Logan Sulentic).

Quiet intimidation is the favorite weapon of Von Pfunz (Logan Sulentic),
especially against young Estelle (Maureen O'Malley). 

The women try to explain to Von Pfunz who Gabriel is, with little success.

Gabriel (Jake Sullivan) gets consolation from Lily (Rachel Howard).