Sept. 20-23, 2007

Directed by Stuart Fail
Scenic Design by George Grubb
Lighting Design by Amy Shell
Costume Design by Deb Lindell
Sound Design by Ben Inniger

Hanging out by the hot tub are (standing): Artie and Phil (Joel Partyka and Shane Solomon); (seated on chairs): Darlene (Megan Callanan), Donna (JoNae Villeneuve) and Phil (Douglas E. Castle); and (in the tub): Eddie (Joey Ford) and Bonnie (Lucy Hinton).

Eddie and Darlene share an intimate moment.

Bonnie talks to Phil about sharing an intimate moment while the boys look on.

When the handcuffs come out ... you guessed it: The boys talk about sharing an intimate moment with Donna.

Everyone is surprised at the tenderness Phil shows toward his child.


All photos by Mike Lagerquist


Tell us a little bit about David Rabe, the playwright.

What is the story of Hurlyburly?

Rabe uses a lot of words! Why is that?

Why did you cast who you did?

There's lots of cursing and drug use in Hurlyburly? What's the reason for that?

What was your approach for the design of this production?

Why should people see Hurlyburly?

Stuart Fail, director