I Hate Hamlet
Jan. 26-Feb. 5, 2012
Directed by Paul Finocchiaro
Assistant Director Mary Jane Olson
Scene & Costume Design by David McCarl
Lighting Design by Steven Smith

I Hate Hamlet
Realtor Felicia Dantine (Lauren Mikeal Weber) shows Barrymore's apartment
to Andrew Rally (John Jacobs).

I Hate Hamlet
When Andrew's girlfriend, Deirdre (Bridgette Karl, second from left)
and agent, Lillian Troy (Laura Otremba, far right) arrive, they decide
to try to conjure the ghost of John Barrymore with a seance.

I Hate Hamlet
The ghost of Barrymore (Robb Krueger) works his spiritual
magic on Andrew and Deirdre.

I Hate Hamlet
Television producer Gary Peter Lefkowitz (Anthony DePoto)
pitches Andrew on a new series, which Barrymore listens in.

I Hate Hamlet
Everyone wishes Andrew good luck on his opening night of Hamlet.

I Hate Hamlet I Hate Hamlet
Lillian Troy (Laura Otremba) and John Barrymore (Robb Krueger).

I Hate Hamlet
Andrew Rally (John Jacobs) finally feeling comfortable as Hamlet.

Photos by Mike Lagerquist

Set design Poster
The 2012 set design model by David McCarl
; poster design by Anna Beehler.

The following photos were from our Highland Summer Theatre 1995 production.
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scenic Design by Tom Bliese
Costumer Design by Esther L. Iverson
Lighting Design by John Himmelberger

I Hate Hamlet
Rebekah O'Neill as Felicia Dantine, KellyJean Ohl as Deirdre McDavey
and E.J. Subkoviak as John Barrymore.

FROM E.J. SUBKOVIAK (John Barrymore):

What I remember most about I Hate Hamlet was coming into the Highland production no more
than two weeks after I had just closed a production of the same play in Madison. The lines were
already in my head, but with a very different cast, set, costumes, director, and everything else,
it was as if I had stepped into a parallel universe where things were the same, but different,
and JFK was still alive, and Germany had won the war - it was freaky. FREAKY.

I Hate Hamlet
Eriq Nelson is Andrew Rally, E.J. Subkoviak is John Barrymore
and KellyJean Ohl is Deirdre McDavey.

FROM ERIQ NELSON (Andrew Rally):

Other than the great cast, fun script, and getting to play with Eej everyday,
what I enjoyed the most was doing Andrew's monologue towards the end of the play. It's
really about why we're actors. We want to make a connection to the audience. It's a
fun duality...the character is discovering that need to connect to his audience, while the
actor (me) IS trying to do the same thing, in that monologue, in that moment. A great memory!

I Hate Hamlet
Eriq Nelson is Andrew Rally and Craig Ellingson is Gary Peter Lefkovitz.

I Hate Hamlet
E.J. Subkoviak and Eriq Nelson.

I Hate Hamlet
Allison Messerschmidt is Lillian Troy and E.J. Subkoviak is John Barrymore.