I Love You Because
Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 2012
Directed by Adam Sahli

Music Direction by Robb Krueger
Scenic Design by Joel Schiebout
Costume Design by Kirsten Lerohl
Lighting Design by Mary Jane Olson
Sound Design by Anna Alex

I Love You Because
The cast of I Love You Because (left to right): NY Man (James Ehlenz), NY Woman (Hannah Maslinski),
Diana (Rachel Howard), Austin (Ian Lah), Jeff (Steven Labine) and Marcy (Cassandra Johnson).

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I Love You Because looks beyond the "first sight"

BY MATT CARON, Theatre Graduate Assistant

“It’s the ultimate date show,” said Robb Krueger, musical director of the upcoming Minnesota State University, Mankato
Department of Theatre & Dance’s studio show, I Love You Because.  A musical about the challenges of loving someone because
of their faults instead of in spite of them, I Love You Because brings a believable and relatable love story to the Andreas stage
Nov. 28-Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m.

“I really enjoy the message of this show,” said director Adam Sahli, a third-year MFA Directing candidate from Aberdeen, SD.  
“The whole idea of indiscriminate love is an important thing.  [It’s] understanding that in true love it’s not about trying to get over
somebody’s faults, but rather accepting them as part of who the person is.”  Krueger, a St. Paul native added, “Every song in the show
is written as if it’s a conversation, as if people are talking out loud.  It lets go of one of the major pretensions of musical theatre where
people suddenly break into song.  When they burst into song in I Love You Because, they’re still having a conversation.” 

Sahli, 27, earned his undergraduate degree in musical theatre performance, so he is no stranger to the challenges and rigors of working
with a musical.  “I haven’t directed a musical in four years,” he said.  “It’s difficult to bring yourself back into that mindset.”  His cast has
helped him along the way.  While the actors are young (half of them are making their Minnesota State Mankato debut!), Sahli said, “They are
all incredibly talented and hard working.”  Krueger affirms this sentiment.  Young casts can be a challenge, but he said, “They’ve caught on
really fast.  They’ve risen to the challenge.  They’ve really jumped in and have done amazingly well.  They are ready for an audience!”

Despite both being third-year MFA candidates and sharing an office during their first year, this is the first time Krueger and Sahli have
actually worked together.  “I had a sense of what Robb’s strengths were, and paired with my strengths I thought we’d make a really strong
musical tandem,” said Sahli.  

Sahli directed a short play written by Krueger for a playwrighting class.  “I was really happy with what he did with it,” said Krueger. 
“He understood the pacing and grasped the tone.”  This helped make the decision to work with Sahli as the musical director an easy one.
“I had to think about it for about two seconds!  I knew we’d have a good time.  I knew we’d be on the same page.”

In most other musical romantic comedies, people fall in love at first sight and the action of the play revolves around the struggle to be able
to be with each other.  In I Love You Because, people fall in love by accident.  Love strikes when least expected, much more the way it happens
in real life.  “This love story is totally believable,” said Sahli.  “It is much more within the realm of human experience.” 

I Love You Because runs Nov. 28 through Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m.  To purchase tickets, visit us online at MSUTheatre.com or call 507-389-6661. 
The Theatre & Dance Box Office is open 4-6 p.m., M-F.  Ge
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I Love You Because I Love You Because
In "The Actuary Song," Diana (Rachel Howard) broke love
down by the numbers to Marcy (Cassie Johnson).

I Love You Because
Austin (Ian Lah) tried to change his ways by stealing a box of wine while
on a date with Marcy (Cassie Johnson). The waiter (James Ehlenz) looks on.

I Love You Because
Marcy (Cassie Johnson) and Diana (Rachel Howard) talk about
love with Austin and Jeff Bennet (Ian Lah and Steven Labine) as
the sources of their consternation.

I Love You Because
The waitress (Hannah Maslinski) and bartender (James
Ehlenz) ask, "What Do We Do It For?"

I Love You Because
In the end, it comes down to "I Love You Because."


Photos by Mike Lagerquist