April 26-29, 2007
Directed by Stuart Fail
Scenic Design by Jason Rasinowich

Costume Design by Deb Lindell
Lighting Design by Grant Merges

When the sisters get together for the first time in years, they realize just how different they are from each other. Sherry (Kelsey Strong, front) is young and rebellious; Jo (Katharine Moeller, back left) is much like their mother; and Kess (Casondra Witham) is independent and strong.

Their differences are amplified when they get together with their mother, Evelyn (Amber Maser) and try to think of someting good to say ...

... without much luck.

At one point, things get frightening.

And when Evelyn shows signs of hurting herself, fear turns to concern.

Until it comes out as anger and retribution.


Photos by Mike Lagerquist