Les Misérables
Oct. 3-13, 2013
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles

Scene Design by John David Paul
Lighting Design by S
teven Smith
Sound Design by George E. Grubb

Costume Design by David McCarl

Les Miz 1
Jean Valjean (Neil Dale) is saved when the Bishop (Devin Basart) tells police
(Ian Lah and Jake Sullivan) that he gave the silver to Valjean.

Les Miz 2
Madame Thenardier (Jaclyn Juola) chastices Cosette (Sasha Yakovich, left)
while comparing her to Eponine (Josie Carpenter).

Les Miz 3
Thendardier (Ben Stasny, center) sings about being Master of the House.

Les Miz 4
Fantine (Kaitlin Dahlquist) Dreamed a Dream.

Les Miz 5
Javert (Adam Yankowy) sings Stars.

Les Miz 6
The student revolutionaries led by Enjolras (Jake McInerney, red vest) and Marius (Sam Stoll).

Les Miz 7
Gavroche (Isaiah Miller) spots Javert (Adam Yankowy) disguised among the rebellion.

Les Miz 8 Les Miz 9
Left: Marius (Sam Stoll) says good bye to Eponine (Callandra Syverson).
Right: Jean Valjean (Neil Dale) asks that God Bring Him Home.

Les Miz 10
Gavroche (Isaiah Miller) retrieves a bag.

Les Miz 11
The Thenardiers (Jaclyn Juola and Ben Stasny)
are unwelcome wedding guests.

Les Miz 12
Can You Hear the People Sing?


Photos by Paul Hustoles