The Library
April 19-22, 2017
Directed by Doni Marinos
Scene Design by Erin Wegleitner
Costume Design by Angela Sahli
Lighting Design by John Hocker


Caitlin Gabriel (Isabella Barberena) leaves a voicemail for a friend who is ignoring her.


Caitlin Gabriel (Isabella Barberena) tries to talk to Dawn Sheridan (Martha Cubillos Caceres).


Caitlin Gabriel (Isabella Barberena) and her father, Nolan Gabriel (Riley LinDell).




Caitlin Gabriel- Isabella Barberena
Elizabeth Gabriel- Jaclyn Britz
Nolan Gabriel- Riley LinDell
Dawn Sheridan- Martha Cubillos Caceres
Detective Washburn- Maureen O’Malley
Special Master Thornton- Derek Tomlinson
Ryan Mayes- Braden Hanafee-Major
Marshall Bauer- Alexandra Blesi