A Lie of the Mind
Dec. 2-5 , 2004

Directed by Ryan P. Johnson
Scenic Design by S.M. Bruce
Lighting Design by Dana Kleiman
Costume Design by Leah Williams

Frankie (Lou Olsen, foreground) talks to his brother Jake (Chris Kuisle).

Mike (Douglas E. Castle) visits his battered sister, Beth (Angelyn Eve Faust), in the hospital.

Lorraine (Rose Johnson) sends Frankie (Lou Olsen) out to visit Beth's family. Comforting him is Sally (Amber Maser) and sleeping is Jake (Chris Kuisle).

While Frankie (Lou Olsen) recovers from a gunshot wound and Meg (Laura Yost) rubs mink oil on the feet of Baylor (André Le Tendre) the two discuss their lives.

Beth (Angelyn Eve Faust) hides from Jake (Chris Kuisle) who has come wearing an American flag.


All photos by Mike Lagerquist