Marvin's Room
Oct. 20-24 & 27-31, 2004
Directed by Nina LeNoir
Scenic Design by Andy Owen
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by David McCarl

Bessie (Erin J. Drevlow) tries to talk to her nephew, Hank (Mike McNamee).

When Charlie (Aaron Wilson, left) and Hank (Mike McNamee) go to be tested for a bone marrow transplant, they are assisted by Dr. Wally (Steve Corona, right) and Bob (Reid C. Strand).

When it becomes apparent that their father, Marvin, will need added care during Bessie's illness, Bessie goes with Lee (Sophia Bera, center) to visit a retirement home and speak with the director (Kirsten Swallow, left).

Lee gives Hank a piece of candy while Dr. Charlotte (Katie A. Nelson) looks on.

Lee understands how serious her sister's condition is when she sees her without her wig.

Bessie and Aunt Ruth (Amber Maser) share a moment watching TV and enjoying a cup of hospital food dessert.


All photos by Mike Lagerquist

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