Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scene Design by Tom Bliese
Lighting Design by Steve Smith
Costume Design by David McCarl
Original Music by Michael Croswell

Jan. 28-Feb. 1 & Feb. 4-8, 2004
Andreas Theatre

Krystyn Spratt (left) tells the story of Alcyon and Ceyx (Brad Willcuts
and Shawn Ashley Howland).

Ceyx dies at sea.

Christopher Kind (standing) narrates the story of Erysichthon (Robert Gardner)
and who is overcome by Hunger (Amber Maser).

Shawn Ashley Howland (Pomona), Renée Ann Roy and Trick Danneker (Vertumnus).

Phaeton (Christopher Kind, center) seeks help from the psychologist
(Krystyn Spratt) for dealing with his father, the Sun (Brad Willcuts).

Psyche (Jennie Goblirsch) and Cupid/Eros (Chris Kuisle) discover the
secrets of love with the help of Brad Willcuts who looks on.

In the end, Midas (Christopher Kind) is reunited with his daughter
(Amber Maser), who is no longer made of gold.

A photographic record of the construction of the set
December 4, 2003
December 9, 2003
January 11, 2004

Strike after the final performance Feb. 8.