The Miracle Worker

Oct. 15-18 & 21-25, 2015

Directed by Matthew Caron

Scene Design by Kate Kanne
Lighting Design by Jamie-Brooke Ruggio

Sound Design by Luke Walchuk

Costume Design by Emily Kimball


Conflict escalates as Annie Sullivan (Jaclyn Britz) tries to teach Helen (Maria Camila Perez) manners at the breakfast table.


Annie Sullivan (Jaclyn Britz) tries to get Helen (Maria Camila Perez) to sit at the table like the rest of the family.


The gift of a doll becomes a teaching moment for Annie Sullivan (Jaclyn Britz) and Helen (Maria Camila Perez).


The girls from The Perkins Institution for the Blind bid Annie (Jaclyn Britz) farewell as

Mr. Anagnos (Doni Marinos), Annie's mentor, looks on.