Miss Saigon
Oct. 1-5 & 8-12, 2008
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Choreography by Paul Finocchiaro

Scenic Design by John Paul
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by David McCarl
Musical Direction by Nick Wayne

Distraction for the soldiers.

Chris (Andrew D. Umphrey, left) and John (Jared Oxborough)
are especially distracted by Kim (Fiona Hui) who is under the
watchful eye of Engineer (Craig Daniel Stastny).

Chris and Kim marry.

The love Chris experiences with Kim (left) haunts him when he returns
home and marries Ellen (Mollie Fischer, right).

Another surprise from Chris' time in Vietnam is
a son he had with Kim, Tam (Juan Berrones III).

Engineer is excited that his plan may help
him get to the United States.

John (Jared Oxborough) tells the world about 'Bui Doi,' the 'Dust of Life.'

In Bangkok, Engineer has re-established himself.

People fight for a seat on the last helicopter out of Vietnam.

Engineer still believes in 'The American Dream.'

About Miss Saigon . . .

Director Paul J. Hustoles talks about the show
(click on links below):

What is the story of Miss Saigon?

What are some of the technical challenges faced in presenting this show?

How about other challenges, such as casting?

What current Minnesota State Mankato actors are playing key roles?

What about the subject matter?


Photos by Paul J. Hustoles and Mike Lagerquist