One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Directed by Paul Finocchiaro
Scenic Design by Curt Enderle
Lighting Design by Mike Shields
Costume Design by Britt Hilton

Randle Patrick McMurphy (Stuart Fail, in the stocking cap) introduces his new friends to the idea of betting on cards. They are (left to right): Scanlon (Tharen E. Callanan), Martini (Toby Adam Miller), Cheswick (Douglas E. Castle), Chief Bromden (Joel Partyka) and Harding (Andrew D. Umphrey).

McMurphy is introduced to the concept of group therapy. Here Billy Bibbit (Mick Coughlan, center) shares some information about himself to Nurse Ratched (Laura J. Nigon) and Dr. Spivy (Jason A. Stone). Joining the other patients from the card game is Ruckley (Micah J. L. Kronlokken, bent over at right).

Another new wrinkle occurs when McMurphy gets a visit from his friend Candy (Katharine Moeller). Needless to say, her presence causes a stir.

McMurphy continues to stir the pot when he wants to brush his teeth in the morning. Ward workers Warren (Travis Schafer) and Williams (Eric Stadtherr) tells him of the errors of his ways.

McMurphy and Chief Bromden undergo electroshock therapy.

Cheswick gets his medication from Nurse Flinn (Natalie Schleusner) while under the watchful eyes of Nurse Ratched.

Watching the World Series is another act of defiance.


Photos by Mike Lagerquist.