On Golden Pond
May 25-29, 2010

Directed by Michael James
Scenic Design by John David Paul
Costume Design by Jessica Guthrie
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Sound Design by George E. Grubb

Ethel and Chelsie Thayer (Susan Vee Hansen and Meredith Larson)
sing the "On Golden Pond" song with Charlie (Anthony DePoto).

Chelsea's friend Bill Ray (Jeff A. Smith) and son Billy Ray (Grant Matzke)
endure the grilling by Chelsea's dad, Norman (John W. Olive).

I didn't think we'd been mad at each other, Norman (John W. Olive) tells daughter
Chelsea (Meredith Larson). I thought we just didn't like each other very much.

Ethel (Susan Vee Hansen) catches up with her lifelong
doll, Elmer, much to the chagrin of Norman (John W. Olive).

Ethel (Susan Vee Hansen) catches Norman (John W. Olive) and Billy (Grant Matzke)
as they're leaving on an early-morning fishing expedition.

Norman (John W. Olive) over-exerts himself as he and Ethel
(Susan Vee Hansen) pack up the cabin in the fall.

They must say good bye to the loons before they go.

All photos by Mike Lagerquist

Director Michael James talks about the show.

See a small clip from the beginning of the second act.