Our Town
Nov. 6-8 & 13-16, 2014

Directed by Matthew Caron
Scene Design by Jamie-Brooke Ruggio
Costume Design by Heather Grandprey
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Sound Design by Anna Alex

Our Town poster

Find out more about this production from the director and some cast members

Our Town
The Stage Manager (Ben Stasny) makes an ice cream treat for George Gibbs (Carter Allen) and Emily Webb (Sophie Jones).

Our Town
The future in-laws, Mrs. Gibbs (Cassandra Johnson, left) and Mrs. Webb (Carolyn Bartell Strauss)
share come conversation among their chores.

Our Town Our Town
Right: Members of the Gibbs family—Rebecca (Elie Palesotti), George (Carter Allen) and Mrs. Gibbs (Cassandra Johnson);
left: members of the Webb family—Mrs. Webb (Carolyn Bartell Strauss), Wally (Joshua Brooks) and Emily (Sophie Jones).

Our Town
Presenting the newly married couple of Emily and George.

Our Town
Emily Webb (Sophie Jones) is visited in the cemetery by her father (Jake Jessup).

Our Town
Emily and many of the members of the town in the cemetery.


Photos by Mike Lagerquist