Plague of Angels
April 24-27, 2013
Directed by Matthew Caron
Scene Design by Adam Sahli
Costume Design by Alisa Bowman
Lighting Design by Andrew Lopez
Sound Design by Anna Alex

Plague 1
Mary Mallon (Amanda Forman, right) offers Dr. Saltzer (Morgan LeClaire) a cup of tea.

See and hear more about the show from director Matthew Caron and Amanda Forman here

Plague 2
Mary Mallon gets a shot from the intern (William Roberts).

Plague 3
Perhaps Mary will have better luck with the more
experienced Dr. Saltzer.

Plague 3 Plague 4
Dr. William Mills (at left) discovers bloody cloth in Mary's room. Father Michael McKuen (at right)
is not pleased with Mary's interpretation of certain Bible verses.

Plague 5
Sarah (Lauren Morris) appears only in Mary's
mind but has great influence on her actions.

Plague 7

Plague 8
Father McKuen tries a peace offering.

Photos by Mike Lagerquist