Prelude to a Kiss
June 24-29, 2003
Directed by Jennifer Engler
Scenic Design by Erica Zaffarano
Costume Design by Esther Iverson
Lighting Design by Steven Smith

Peter (Patrick McIntyre) and Rita (Sophia Bera) find themselves easily falling in love. A proposal made in jest quickly becomes something they have to do.

Everyone toasts the happy couple. Wedding guests are (left to right): Raphael Tara, Leah (Claire Elizabeth Johnson), Minister (Nickolaus E. D. Early), Rita's parents, Uncle Fred (Jason M. Harber), Aunt Dorothy (Jessica Sanderson), Tom (Trick Danneker) and Taylor (Richard T. Stahlmann).

Although a meeting with Rita's parents is a bit uncomfortable at first, it doesn't stop the couple from marrying. Her parents are played by Patti McGuire and Mark E. Bailey.

An old man (E. J. Subkoviak) appears and asks simply to kiss the bride. It sets off a series of mysterious events.

Peter's suspicions prove legitimate when he meets the old man at the bar Rita worked at and drinking her favorite drink.

As is the case with all fairy tales, they live happily ever after.


Photos by Mike Lagerquist