Private Lives
May 27-June 1, 2003
Directed by Nina LeNoir
Scenic Design by Randy York
Lighting Design by Steven Smith

Costume Design by Esther Iverson

Victor (Robert Gardner) and his new wife, Amanda (Jennfer Engler) share a moment on the
first day of their honeymoon.

Meanwhile, on the next balcony, Elyot (Patrick McIntyre) and his new wife, Sybil (Angelyn Faust)
are getting off to a rough start with their honeymoon.

Suddenly Elyot and Amanda—who had a tumultuous marriage—discover each other
... and their lingering feelings for each other.

After running off to Paris together, Elyot and Amanda rediscover the fiery side of their relationship
... and are discovered by Sybil and Victor.

Tea served by Louise (Catherine Thorne) does little to ease the awkwardness of the situation.

As the story ends, it's difficult to tell who is married to whom.


Photos by Michael Lagerquist