The Producers
April 7-9 & 14-16, 2011
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scenic Design by John David Paul
Choreography by Paul Finocchiaro
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by David McCarl
Sound Design by George E. Grubb
Musical Direction by Nick Wayne


The Producers
Yes, they want to be producers: Max Bialystock (Clayton Oliver Rutschow) and
Leo Bloom (J. Alexander Coe)

The Producers
Max Bialystock has not had much luck as a producer before meeting Leo.

The Producers
When Max hopes to back a losing Broadway show, he picks
one written by Franz Liebkind (Aaron Alan) ...

The Producers
... and asks Roger DeBris (Rudolph Searles III, center) to direct.
Roger surrounds himself with a managerie of "yes" men.

The Producers
And goes to his usually funders for the $2 millions he needs.

The Producers
This fulfills Leo's dreams of being a producer.

The Producers
It also brings to life Franz's show, "Springtime for Hitler."

The Producers
In the process, Leo finds love with Ulla Svaden-Svanson
(Laura Otremba).

The Producers
Surprisingly, a hit is born!

Photos by Paul J. Hustoles