Rikkie Recycle & the Eko-Kidz
Children's Theatre Tour, spring 2010
Written & directed by Nikki Swoboda
Original music by Robb Krueger
Costumes by Nicole Pullaro

Rikkie Recycle (Larissa Schmitz, center) shares the Eko-Kidz song and "snap"
with her new friends (left to right: Hannah DesMarais, Emily Jansen and Jason Garton).

Rikkie comes across some flowers covered with garbage.

Eric Earthenstein (Austin England) helps
clean up a flower (Emily Jansen).

Eric impresses Rikkie as someone who can help teach about recycling.

Polly Pollution (Maggie Mae Dale) helps the birds
(including Hannah DesMarais).

Every show needs a villain, and in this case it's
Carbon Footprint (Tom Bennett).

Carbon Footprint's helpers (Jason Garton,
Emily Jansen and Hannah DesMarais) fight among themselves.

Carbon Footprint plots his next diabolical move.

To keep her from snapping, Carbon Footprint's
helpers put Rikkie's hands in big, soft mittens.

Eric Earthenstein arrives ... he's not the hero of the show for nothing.

Photos above by Mike Lagerquist

The cast of Rikkie Recycle & the Eko Kidz in Marshall in their hooded sweatshirts and performing (below).
They are (left to right):
Standing: Tom Bennett, Austin England, Hannah DesMarais, Maggie Mae Dale and Jason Garton;
kneeling: Emily Jansen and Larissa Schmitz. They are out on tour to Southern
Minnesota schools Jan. 12-March 18.

View a video from one of their February performances. Here's what the student Reporter wrote.