Rocky Horror Show
Dec. 2-5 , 2009
(including midnight matinees Dec. 4 & 5)
Written by Richard O'Brien
Directed by Jerry Jay Cranford
Costume Design by Jessica Guthrie
Lighting Design by Jim Pitroski
Music Direction by Ben Inniger

The Phantoms (from front, left to right): Laura Otremba, Samantha Phillip,
Rita Medina, Natalie Schleusner, Taylor Johnson, Jameson Pieper,
Brock Clark and Blake Grotewold.

Frank-N-Furter (Rudolph Searles III), with Columbia (Jessica Dougherty),
Riff Raff (Alex Letsche) and Magenta (Nikki Swoboda).

Brad (Adam Moen) sings "Once In A While" as Dream Brad (Jameson Pieper)
and Dream Janet (Laura Otremba) dance.

Janet (Katherine Rapacz) flies high with Rocky.

Narrator (Michael James) consoles Rocky
(Clayton Oliver Rutschow).

Rocky (Clayton Oliver Rutschow) celebrates.

It's Frank-N-Furter's (Rudolph Searles III) turn.

Eddie (Joey West) prepares to take one for the team.

Photographs my Mike Lagerquist