Feb. 18-20 & 25-28, 2016

Directed by Melissa Rosenberger

Scene Design by Kate Kanne

Costume Design by Emily Kimball

Lighting Design by Steve Smith

Sound Design by George Grubb


The party guests receive an unexpected phone call. From left are Lenny Ganz (Andrew Anderson), Glenn Cooper (Billy Gleason), Ken Gorman (Gary Du Charme II), Ernie Cusack (Michael Turner), Claire Ganz (Carolyn Strauss), Chris Gorman (Claire Clausen), and Cookie Cusack (Mikhayla Clausen).


Officer Welch (Salvatore Frattallone) and Officer Pudney (Sarah Thomas) stop by for a routine investigation.


Rumors Cast
Ken Gorman-Gary Scott Du Charme II
Chris Gorman-Claire Clauson
Lenny Ganz-Andrew Anderson
Claire Ganz-Carolyn Bartell Strauss
Ernie Cusack-Michael Turner
Cookie Cusack-Mikhayla Clausen
Glenn Cooper-Billy Gleason
Cassie Cooper-Emily Scinto
Officer Welch-Salvatore Frattallone
Officer Pudney-Sarah Thomas