Toured January-March, 2007
Directed by Jessica Green

The Narrator (Kaija Pellinen, left) tells The Miller's Wife (JoNae Villeneuve), The Miller (Daniel Kling) and The Miller's Daughter (Natalie Schleusner) of the king's plan to raise taxes throughout the land.

The King (Mathias Becker) ponders other ways to get money from his people.

The King, with mirror in hand, reflects on his ideas with one of his subjects (RaeAnne Carlson).

Listening in on it all is Rumpelstiltskin (Craig Daniel Stastny), who is hatching a plan of his own. He gets The Miller's Daughter to promise him her first-born child in exchange for the power to spin straw into gold.

Despite the hardship, it ends as all fairy tales should: Happily ever after.


Photos by Mike Lagerquist