The Seven Year Itch
June 27-July 2, 2006
Directed by Tom Woldt
Scenic Design by Allen Wright Shannon
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by Esther Iverson

Richard Sherman (Paul Somers) considered his newer, tamer lifestyle as his wife Helen (Claire Lloyd) and son Ricky (Isaac Westphal) are away for the summer.

Richard meets his new, attractive upstairs neighbor (Angelyn Eve Faust) after the tomato plant from the balcony upstairs drops on the chair in which he was sitting. Naturally, he invites her down.

The women from his past and present, possessed or merely dreamed about, are never far from Richard's thoughts. They are (left to right): Marie Whatever-Her-Name-Was (Mollie Fischer), Miss Morris (Anna Bredl), The Girl Upstairs (Angelyn Eve Faust), Girl in the Window (Tristin Rupp), his wife Helen (Claire Lloyd) and Elaine (Jacleen Olson).

In his fantasy life, Richard is suave and debonair and The Girl madly in love with him.

Also in his fantasy life, his wife is having an affair with Tom MacKenzie (Christopher Arn Kind).

And in his real life, Dr. Brubaker (E. J. Subkoviak) wonders why his book on psychology suddenly looks like a trashy romance novel.

All photos by Mike Lagerquist