Jan. 15-March 7, 2013
Written & directed by Shelley Whitehead
Music by Robb Krueger
Scene Design by Arthur Seifert
Costume Design by Tylinn Fahrni

Shine 1
A young girl named Shine (Mary Camila Perez) tries to fit in at a new school.

Shine 2
Instead of trying to make friends with her, the other students
make fun of her. They are (left to right): Jake Sullivan, Ian Lah,
Rachel Howard, Chris Jimmy and Sophie Jones.

Shine 3
Eventually, one of them—Chance—takes a chance.

Shine 4
When Chance becomes friends with Shine, color is added to his
life. That's something others don't understand at first.

Shine 5
Throughout her struggles, Shine has her brother
to lend support (Dillon Swanson).

Shine 6
Others at the school slowly follow Shine's lead.

Shine 7
Even the leader of the bullies eventually succumbs.

Shine 8
Color is added to everyone's lives!

Photos by Mike Lagerquist