Sky Girls
Sept. 18-21, 2013
Directed by
Matthew Caron
Scene Design by Karen Richards
Costume Design by Sheila Tabaka; costume coordination by Chris Jones
Lighting Design by Manda Miller
Sound Design by Ryan Strelow

Sky Girls logo

Sky Girls 1
The "sky girls" with Jackie Cochran (Alexandra Cross, center). They are (left to right):
DeLang (Gianna Schiller), Mags (Alyssa Johnson), Breeny (Amanda Mai, seated),
Bishop (Sophie Jones) and Lil (Rachel Howard).

Sky Girls 2
Breeny (Amanda Mai, with hat) prepares for her night out with help from Lil (Rachel Howard).
Looking on are Bishop (Sophie Jones, left) and DeLang (Gianna Schiller).

Sky Girls 3
Mags (Alyssa Johnson, center) isn't sure what she's hearing.

Sky Girls 4
Mags and Bishop have a disagreement.

Sky Girls 5
Bishop suffers from a nosebleed as the other girls lend moral support.

Sky Girls 6
Jackie Cochran (Alexandra Cross) and Bishop (Sophie Jones) look to the skies.

The WASPs complete their service.

Photos by Mike Lagerquist

Director Matt Caron
Director Matt Caron talks about Sky Girls

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