Spring Awakening
Jan. 31-Feb. 10, 2013
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scene Design by Alisa Bowman
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by David McCarl
Sound Design by George E. Grubb
Musical Direction by Evan Collins

Spring Awakening 1
"Mama Who Bore Me" (left to right): Martha (Bridgette Karl), Thea (Emily Jansen), Wendla (Callie Syverson),
Ilse (Kaitlin Dahlquist) and Anna (Leigh Jacobson).

Spring Awakening 2
In class (front, left to right): Georg (Devin Basart), Hanschen (Jordan Oxborough),
Otto (Austin England), Moritz (Sam Stoll), Ernst (Brandon Lund); back center,
teacher (Ben Stasny) and Melchior (Jake McInerney).

Spring Awakening 3
The end of "The Bitch of Living."

Spring Awakening 4 Spring Awakening 5
Headmaster (Ben Stasny) and teacher (Morgan Mallory); Georg (Devin Basart) and piano teacher (Morgan Mallory).

Spring Awakening 6
"The Word of My Body," Wendla (Callie Syverson) and Melchior (Jake McInerney).

Spring Awakening 7 Spring Awakening 8

Spring Awakening 9
"Don't Do Sadness," Moritz (Sam Stoll).

Spring Awakening 10
"The Song of Purple Summer" (left to right): Brandon Lund, Emily Jansen, Devin Basart, Kaitlin Dahlquist,
Sam Stoll, Ben Stasny, Jake McInerney, Morgan Mallory, Callie Syverson, Austin England,
Bridgette Karl, Jordan Oxborough, Leigh Jacobson.

Photos by Paul Hustoles and Mike Lagerquist

Spring Awakening poster
Poster design by Naoko Skala

This production includes mature language and subject matter.

Director Paul J. Hustoles talks about the show and what people can expect.

Some of the women in the cast performed at the Celebration of the College of Arts & Humanities
on Friday, Dec. 7, in the Centennial Student Union Ballroom.
They sang "Mama Who Bore Me."

In a rehearsal the cast warmed up with "The Dark I Know Well" and "Left Behind."

Spring Awakening opened on Broadway on December 10th, 2006 at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre. It ran for 888 performances and closed on January 18, 2009. In 2007 it was nominated for 11 Tony awards, of which it won 8, including Best Musical. The Original Cast Recording also won a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album in 2008. Lea Michele, star of the hit TV show "Glee," played the role of Wendla.

Based on an extremely controversial German play written in 1891 by playwright Frank Wedekind, the musical combines a 19th century German setting with raw, contemporary rock music. Wedekind subtitled his work "a children's tragedy," and the musical is true to this intention. It tells the story of several teen-aged school children living in a sexually repressed culture where their own parents refuse to answer the simple question of "where do babies come from?" The musical chronicles the journey of the confusion and angst of adolescences, as these young adults deal with issues of puberty, rape, homosexuality, suicide, masturbation, unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

As a Minnesota State University, Mankato audience member, you can expect to see a beautiful simplicity to the scenery, designed by an undergraduate student. You can expect to see percussive and angst-filled modern-dance flavored movement choreographed by one of our BFA dancers. You can expect to hear visceral, powerful rock music as the medium through which the thoughts and feelings of these sexually ignorant youth explode. You can expect sexually explicit activity. You can expect to be disturbed. You can expect to be challenged. You can expect to find hope.

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