Stage Blood
Sept. 18-21, 2003
Directed by Tyler Sonnek
Scenic Design by Kerry Lettelleir
Lighting Design by Tim Bergstrom
Costume Design by Lisa Rae Windloss

Helga Vain (Amber Maser) has a little talk with her son, Carlton (Chris Kuisle) as they prepare to perform Hamlet.


Alas, poor Jenkins, that's the way I want to go. Carlton (Chris Kuisle) shares a Shakespearean moment with the skull that Jenkins (Nathaniel Churchill) says belonged to a former theatre stage manager.

The acting company decides to give Jenkins' play a run ... and find out how bizarre it is. Here, Elfie Fey (Heather Vaughan) gives birth while the playwright (Nathaniel Churchill) watches from the wings and Edmund Dundreary (Chad Kuyper) and Helga Vain (Amber Maser) watch from the good seats.


Jenkins (Nathaniel Churchill) and Edmund (Chad Kuyper) share an awkward moment in the dressing room.


It is finally revealed who killed Carlton Stone, Sr. Giving the answer is Gilbert Fey (Perry Thrun). The others (left to right) are: Jenkins (Nathaniel Churchill), Carlton, Jr. (Chris Kuisle), Helga (Amber Maser), Edmund (Chad Kuyper) and Elfie (Heather Vaughan).


All photos by Mike Lagerquist