The Stolen Wind
January-March 2017
Directed by Doni Marinos
Written by Alex Blesi

Daisy Jones, Peggy and One-Eyed Sue are not your normal pirates.  They spend their days sailing the seas, searching for lost treasure so they can donate it to people in need. 


After a day filled with helping others, they come back to their ship to find that the wind is gone, having been stolen by the angry Wind Thief. To get the wind back, they must battle the 3 keepers of the wind in order to finally find the Wind Thief.


All of the characters learn about perseverance, being kind to others, and the importance of second chances in the search for the stolen wind.


Lessons the pirates learn along the way: Giving up is not a solution to a tough challenge. Being kind to others, even when it isn’t easy, often has unexpected benefits. It’s OK to ask for help, and often, a team can accomplish a task much faster than someone acting alone.


The cast consists of seven freshman: Samantha Buckley, Felipe Escudero, Megan Fischer, Braden Hanafee-Major, Sheila Tacheny, Katie Van Denise and Cassie Virnig.