Stop Kiss
April 1-4, 2004
Directed by Beverly Longo
Scenic Design by Andy Owen
Lighting Design by Kerry Lettelleir

Costume Design by Cesia Kearns

Callie (Amber Maser, left) and Sara meet when Callie (Laura Yost) agrees to watch Sara's cat. Sara has moved to New York from St. Louis.

As they get to know each other, Callie and Sara find their affections growing.

Resisting her new feelings, Callie falls into old habits with her friend George (George Grubb).

After Callie and Sara kiss and are attacked for it, a woman who witnesses the attack (Racheal Crissinger) meets with Det. Cole (Nickolaus E. D. Early).

Callie is there to help Sara during recovery ...

...but she's not the only one. Sara's old boyfriend, Peter (Peter Steinke) tries to convince her to leave New York. Watching on are Callie and the Nurse (Tomoko Igasaki).


All photos by Mike Lagerquist